PRISM Series

”PRISM Series” has Unique Impressionistic Style paintings of Wildlife enriched with vivid Colour palette & rich tones with each stroke encapuslating their Power & Traits.

This Series revolves around the concept of relationship between Mother Nature & Wildlife. Adding vibrance to the painting, each work is connected to India, as Indian Motifs inspired from Mehndi/ Henna & Designs from Silk Saree is used for the background embellished with kundan stones to create her own Signature Style. With a delicate mixture of colors and techniques, she brings out the grandoise themes in every painting.

Her personal favourite in the PRISM Series is titled ‘Camouflage’ as it captures the essence of Mother Nature & its surroundings.The bright colours bring about the positive vibration & happiness for the viewer.

All original artwork under PRISM Series have been sold.

ON THE EDGE Series & FIESTA Series


The current series called ”On The Edge Series”, focusses on the forest life of animals and the alarming sign they are giving us each time, that they are becoming extinct from this beautiful World. Whom to blame ?

Vikashini proudly says ”These paintings are done completely with my fingers and no brush was used in the process of making. It was so interesting that I was deeply engrossed with my canvas with direct connection to my soul”. As they are Finger Paintings, they have an impressionist style to it.


Festivals bond us together and the happiness is everlasting making memories for life. This Series has all its essence to show the mark of Celebration which is potrayed through the wonderful colours on the canvas !

HOUSE of GOD Series

Belief or faith or the Almighty  РAre all ONE